Polarized sunglasses are a popular choice for women who want to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays while also looking stylish. However, many women are still confused about what polarized sunglasses are and how they differ from regular sunglasses. In this guide, we will answer some common questions about polarized sunglasses for women and why Seductiv is a great option for those looking to buy polarized sunglasses.

What are Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses have a special filter that blocks intense reflected light, reducing glare and improving visual clarity. This makes them ideal for outdoor activities such as driving, fishing, and water sports, as well as for everyday use. Polarized lenses are made of a special material that allows light to pass through in one direction only, blocking the horizontal light waves that cause glare.

Are Polarized Glasses Really Better?

Yes, polarized glasses are generally considered better than regular sunglasses because they provide better protection against glare, which can be especially dangerous when driving or participating in outdoor activities. Polarized lenses also provide better clarity and visual acuity, making them a great choice for people with sensitive eyes or those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

What are the Disadvantages of Polarized Sunglasses?

While polarized sunglasses have many benefits, there are some potential downsides to consider. One disadvantage is that they can be more expensive than regular sunglasses, although the extra cost is often justified by the added benefits of polarized lenses. Polarized lenses can also make it difficult to see certain LCD screens, such as those on smartphones or dashboard displays. In addition, some people may experience a slight distortion of colors or depth perception when wearing polarized sunglasses.

Are Polarized Sunglasses Worth it?

Yes, polarized sunglasses are worth the investment if you spend a lot of time outdoors or participate in activities where glare can be a problem. The improved visual clarity and reduced eye strain provided by polarized lenses make them a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for high-quality sunglasses that also offer excellent eye protection.

How Do You Check if Glasses are Polarized?

To check if your glasses are polarized, hold them up to a computer screen or LCD display and rotate them 90 degrees. If the screen goes dark or a rainbow effect appears, your glasses are polarized.

Which Sunglasses are Best for Eye Protection?

Seductiv offers a wide range of sunglasses for women that provide excellent eye protection. Our women's sunglasses collection includes polarized options for classic styles like aviators and trendy options like cat-eye sunglasses. We also have a variety of frames to choose from, including Oversized, Square, Round, Frameless, Angular, and Aviator sunglasses.

Which is Better UV400 or Polarized?

UV400 and polarized are two different types of lens coatings that provide different types of protection. UV400 lenses provide protection against harmful UV rays, while polarized lenses provide protection against glare. In general, both types of coatings are important for eye protection, and many high-quality sunglasses, including those offered by Seductiv, feature both coatings.

Are All Polarized Sunglasses 100% UV Protection?

While many polarized sunglasses also provide 100% UV protection, not all of them do. It's important to check the label or product description to ensure that your polarized sunglasses also offer adequate UV protection.

Are the More Expensive Polarized Sunglasses Better?

Not necessarily. While more expensive polarized sunglasses may offer additional features or a higher level of craftsmanship, the added cost does not always translate into better eye protection. At Seductiv, we offer affordable polarized sunglasses for women that provide excellent protection against

March 23, 2023 — Sascha Humer

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